Alvitr Art. Winter exhibition 2020

Description of the Alvitr Art. Winter exhibition in the ARTBOX space


Daniil Arkhipenko, Igor Baranov, Ludmila Belova, Yanina Boldyreva, Alisa Gorelova, Artur Dzharulaev, Karina Dracheva, Irina Drozd, Dmitry Zheravov, Elena Isho, Dmitry Kavka, Ustina Komissarova, Egor Koragin, Maria Larionova, Vova Lilo, Maria Neverova, Marusya Nesterova, Lera Nibiru, Ilya Ovsyannikov, Elizaveta Olshanskaya, Alexandra Ominina, Ivan Plusch, Veronika Rudyeva - Ryazantseva, Maxim Savva, Anna Slobozhanina, Antonina Fatkhullina, Ekaterina Finkelstein, Ekaterina Tsareva, Dmitry Tsvetkov, Peter Cvik, Aristarkh Chernyshev, Ilya Shalashov.

Taken from the collection of Sergei Sergeev: Tatiana Akhmetgalieva, Igor Baranov, Nikolai Kopeikin, Tatiana Podmarkova, Vitaly Pushnitsky, Alexey Chizhov.


2020 was unexpectedly very special for me. I changed my attitude to the world, changed my approach to the interaction with art: I rejected the axioms that had been established in my head and asked questions that helped me to look at artists and their works in a new way. The result is an online art service, where new works and artists appear almost every day. The service grows in front of those who look after it, change the design, add sections. For me, this is a constantly changing, procedural exhibition, where some works are replaced by others, and in the "Articles" section I share my observations about what is important for me at a particular moment in time, what I see and feel in art.

Initially, I planned so that the online service would be supported by offline exhibitions, short and in different venues. The first exhibition took place in Budapest at the Art Market Budapest fair. It was very quick and unexpected, almost simultaneously with the appearance of Alvitr Art. In fact, I hope this is the very beginning of a long journey and an interesting development story. The exhibition in the Art Box space is the first exhibition in Russia and the first, already meaningful result of what I see in contemporary art today. There are many young authors on it, often unknown to anyone, because right now it seems that it is worth looking at the youngest artists who have not yet created their concept, who are free in their expression and still forming their view, expression, relationship with the world, and therefore devoid of expectations, cunning, understanding of what the market will like or not like. These are honest hits of personalities in the world today, when the feeling of "here and now" is much more important than any strategy or complex concept. Some artists will become iconic and form the face of Russian art and Russian culture in the 20s of the 21st century, some will remain unknown, will cease to be artists and move on to other professions. But does it matter if they talk to us today and want to tell something with the help of complex images and signs? Of course, not only young artists will be presented at the exhibition, but all those who comprehend the modern world, changing and so far very unpredictable, each in his own way and through his own vision. "Winter Exhibition 2020" is not an attempt to tell some concept, but only a desire to share what I saw, understood and accepted. There is no claim to anything high, or something insignificant, but only a certain stage in the study of the world and culture.

I am very glad that the first Alvitr Art exhibition coincided with the opening of the ARTBOX space, created by the collector Sergei Sergeev. The concept of ARTBOX is to offer the general public a dynamic list of interesting and thought-provoking exhibitions. With its emphasis on experimentation and interpretation, and the study of art in its historical, cultural and social contexts, ARTBOX serves as a museum-laboratory for the study of contemporary art. The aim of ARTBOX is to find, study, collect and popularize the work of talented artists of modern Russia. We want to give an opportunity to see the works of both recognized masters and not yet known authors, but possessing an original talent, original with a bold vision in expressing their world. ARTBOX pays special attention to working with young artists and finding new names, realizing ideas in collaboration with artists, as well as with those who want to take part in the creative process. ARTBOX is also open for organizing various exhibitions of fine arts: painting, sculpture, graphics, photography, architecture and decorative and applied arts, video, cinema, performance, etc. ARTBOX as a collaboration system brings contemporary art closer to a wide audience and will allow everyone to find something important and interesting for themselves.


Created by: 

Alvitr Art team: Anna Padalyako, Daria Elizarova, Evgeny Novikov, Marina Alvitr 

Artbox team: Violetta Yalalova, Tatiana Shendrik, Victoria Sorokina, Alexandra Khikhelina, Vladislav Zenkevich, Ivan Fomenko, Stanislav Kulchitsky, Sergey Komissarov, Netalya Sereda, Sergey Mikhailov. 

Special thanks for help and support: Alexandra Ominina, Ivan Plusch, Igor Sukhanov and DK Gromov. 

The exhibition presents works from the collections of: Sergei Sergeev, Igor Sukhanov