ARTBOX gallery

ARTBOX gallery

ARTBOX gallery is a new art space of contemporary art from Saint Petersburg founded by collector Sergey Sergeev.

The conception of ARTBOX is to propose the dynamic list of interesting and thought-provoking exhibitions to general public. With its emphasis on experimentations and interpretations, as well as on the study of art in its historical, cultural, and social contexts, ARTBOX serves as a museum-laboratory for the research of contemporary art.

The ARTBOX goal is to find, study, collect and promote the creativity of talented young artists of modern Russia. We want to give you the opportunity to see the works of both recognised masters as well not yet known authors, who nevertheless have a distinctive talent and original with a bold vision in expressing their world.

ARTBOX pays the special attention to working with young artists and searching for new names, implements ideas in collaboration with artists as well as those who want to participate in the creative process. ARTBOX is also open for organising various exhibitions of fine art: painting, sculpture, graphics, photography, architecture and decorative arts, video, film, performance, etc.

As a collaboration system, ARTBOX brings contemporary art closer to a wide audience, and allows everyone to find something important and interesting in it.