Aristarkh Chernyshev

Aristarkh Chernyshev

Russian artist, master of multimedia interactive art.

Was born in 1968 in Voroshilovgrad (now Lugansk, Ukraine). Graduated from the Moscow State Technical University. Bauman, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (1991). Fellow of the Berlin Academy of Arts (2005). In 1996-2005 he worked in a duet with Vladislav Efimov in the field of video and media art. In 2004, together with Aleksey Shulgin, he created the Electroboutique project (


Selected solo exhibitions:

Shining Prostheses (TV Gallery, Moscow, 1998, with Vladislav Efimov)

Screening of video works (Institute of Contemporary Art, London, 2005, with Vladislav Efimov)

Bubbles (XL Gallery, Moscow, 2005, with Vladislav Efimov)

Poetic Economics (Electroboutique Gallery, Moscow, 2005)

Data leak (XL Gallery, Moscow, 2006)

Urgently (Electroboutique gallery, Moscow, 2007)

Crit-Pop (Moscow Museum of Modern Art, 2008, in collaboration with Alexei Shulgin)

Winner of the Grand Prix of the Extra-Short Film Festival (ESF, Novosibirsk) in the Video nomination (2001) and in the Animation nomination (2004, both times together with Vladislav Efimov)

Shortlist of the First International Cannes Video Festival (Kansk, 2002, together with Vladislav Efimov)

Laureate of the Kandinsky Prize-2009 in the category “Media Art. Project of the Year ”(project“ Crit-Pop ”, together with Alexey Shulgin).


Lives and works in Moscow.

Artist artworks

Antique cube
20 cm x 11 cm x 12 cm
2019, 3D print
In Polina Malina and Sergey Sergeev collections