Alvitr Art Autumn 2020 Exhibition at Art Market Budapest

Alvitr Art experience at Art Market Budapest

I started to plan to come to Art Market Budapest in June 2020. All these corona virus problems and restrictions had already started but It was really difficult to suggest that the situation would not be solved even in October.Now it looks like new terms of existence offer us new rules of planning and understanding our opportunities. The situation now is showing us that there is no reason to wait for the world being previous again and that we have to correspond with the reality around us right now. From the beginning I planned to do the booth with a lot of affordable art as now it is one of my main interests. And Russian and Hungarian artists would be shown to provide the dialogue between two cultures. I still like this plan even in reality it can be shown only partly.

So what dose have now. Hungarian borders are still closed and it was not possible for m to come to the booth in person but anyone who wants can talk to me through the video call via Whats app or Messenger in Facebook. My phone is +79068098723 and you can find me in Facebook - Marina Alvitr. Plus the booth now is shown not only physically but also through the web services. Some artists you can see at the booth in reality but much more you can find on the website I started Alvitr art project because of corona virus problems as I want to show affordable art from different counties in the world and combine online presentation with physical pop-up presentations. Art Market Budapest booth is the first experiment in this project so you can be the first who will join me in my attempt to provide affordable art round the world to the people who are interested in it. You can find the link to the website at qr-code for the easy access. The mount of artists will grow even during the time of Art Market Budapest fair so do not hesitate to come to see more art that you can enjoy and inquire.